Architecture is the modification of the natural environment to allow humans to dwell it. It starts from the very basic human necessity to find a rest from the limitlessness of nature. The spaces and objects we build are meant to resonate with our physical, sensorial and cognitive necessities. In this class we will discuss ideas about how neuroscience can assist the design of such spaces and objects. We will present innovative methods of research, compare different approaches, and explore the realm of design possibilities through creative assignments.  The class provides the unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field and at the same time apply what learned by doing. This is a class for you to ponder the true meaning of “why we build.” A class where you can exercise your critical thinking and creativity inspired by amazing architects and neuroscientists.

Neuroscience and Architecture course 

C. Gibbs College of Architecture, University of Oklahoma, Fall 2021

Tiziana Proietti

ARCH 4970 – 5970