Satyendra Pakhalé , Principal, Satyendra Pakhalé Associates, Amsterdam, NL and Tiziana Proietti, PhD, Professor, University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA lecture on The atmosphere of objects at the 4th International Congress on Ambiances, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA (UCSB)-2020/2021. 

Extract: “Atmospheres relate differently with people, but somehow few objects are able to produce such atmospheres that go beyond personal feelings and become universal. They resonate with human senses in a very primal, deep manner. These are the atmospheres that last. At Pakhalé Associates we approach design with the idea to generate atmospheres and shape them around human physical, sensorial and social necessities in the context of their environment. Atmospheres are manifested through all facets of object’s presence, enriched with poetic analogies, sensorial qualities, technological innovations, social modernity and a sense of secular humanism.

The idea that man invents his own realities is not a new one. It is found in diverse philosophies and teachings. ‘Culture’ is not something given. Rather it is people who shape their culture by constantly manipulating conventional symbols taken from a variety of ever-changing codes in order to create new meanings. With this insight the act of design is very much understood in the studio practice as ‘Culture of Creation.’

Not embellished with any mystic or religious meaning, creating is an integral part of human life, manifested in “making”. There is an analogical connection between the more ample meaning of creation, which belongs to nature, and the smallest expression that is brought into being through human action. ‘Culture of Creation’ engages with the very roots of the human necessity to create, to design, to make, bringing something to become reality. We look at objects as centers of expansion while keeping in mind their physical and immaterial presence in every step of the design process.”

Proceedings Ambiances Ambiances 2020  

The Atmosphere of Objects

Satyendra Pakhalé, Tiziana Proietti